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Medical Center


Health and Fitness are essential to a good, strong, and productive work environment

Medical Center


Saftey at home and office starts with your entrance way. Mildew, mold and dirt can cause slippery conditions when wet. Protect yourself and guests from a dangerous fall.



Save a Life - AED's are very affordable



Save a Life - Learn CPR



Eat healthy and Suppliment when you can



Keep your driveways and sidewalks clean and safe from uncessesary slips and falls


Cellular and Robotic Land rover



ESHS offers a variety of preventive maintenance (PM) services to help ensure your AED equipment needs are being met to the highest degree.

Having your AED equipment checked on a regular schedule can help avoid costly future repairs. Preventive Maintenance can also help to greatly extend the life of your equipment. ESHS can analyze your AED equipment and run diagnostics on it to ensure it is operating effectively and within manufacturer set parameters and keep you compliant with state regulations.





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