Health Programs

Fitness-for-Duty Exams

Companies opt to evaluate an employee's ability to perform the duties of their job for two principal reasons:

  1. Establish whether they have made an adequate recovery following disability
  2. Determine why they may not be performing up to the standards of the position they hold


ESHS is experienced in assisting employers with both types of evaluations. Those workers returning from disabling injury or illness are typically referred to and evaluated for job fitness by a specialist within our extensive network. Fitness-for-duty exams offer the client confirmation that once an employee is released to return to work for either a work-related or non-work related incident, that the employee will have the physical capacity to perform the job functions safely and without physical harm.


Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

We believe wellness is about the whole body- from the inside to the outside. ESHS offers private fitness & nutrition consultations that are catered to your lifestyle. At home or work place, group plans also offered.



We believe nutrition is an incredibly important aspect of any balanced and healthy lifestyle. By feeding your body the appropriate nutrients, your mind and body will work more efficiently, allowing you to be more productive, energized, and- of course- balanced. Our expert nutrition consultants will work with you to develop an optimal nutrition plan, taking into consideration your current lifestyle, health, and nutrition goals.



At ESHS, we know support and encouragement are key to sticking to any new fitness plan and reaching new goals. Our consultants will work with you to devise an exercise plan that is tailored to you: your body, your commitment, your expectations. ESHS's fitness coaching will help you set goals, implement a plan, and track your success!


SIgn up for Online Meal Planning and Fitness Tracking through Team Beachbody


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